About the Club

About the Club

The North Bay Pickleball Club was formed in October 2017 and brings together a group of players that had been playing at different locations. Organizing as a club allows affiliation with the Pickleball Association of Ontario.

NBPC players at net

Players rally at the net at Canadore College gym.

Welcome to the North Bay Pickleball Club (NBPC)! Here’s some information about our club that new members may find useful. At the end of this page you will find links to the club’s constitution and minutes of meetings.

The objective of the club is to provide a framework and facilities for its members to enjoy playing pickleball for fun, fitness and to improve skills. It will promote pickleball as a sport in the North Bay region and Ontario. The Club will advise Parks and Recreations and work with them to create, enhance and expand a municipal pickle ball strategy  and facilities.

Pickleball has been played for a number of years here in North Bay, and our club was just formalized in September of 2017. A club charter, mission statement and policy document is in place to help guide our organization.

Anyone aged 19+ and over – from beginner to advanced player – is welcomed, and our club endeavours to accommodate all levels of play.   Good sportsmanship and player cooperation is the expectation for all club members. All members must be  members of Pickleball Ontario and have signed the club’s waiver on the member application form.

Pickleball Ontario (PO) and Club Insurance:

Every new NBPC member is required to purchase a low cost annual membership ($15.00) with Pickleball Ontario which automatically makes you a member of Pickleball Canada.

Just click on this link to the PO membership page http://pickleballontario.org/new-member-sign-up/.

We access our club’s insurance through our affiliation with these organizations, so make sure you join promptly, and then submit/email your PO membership number to our Membership Convenor at northbaypickleballclub@gmail.com.

NBPC members must keep PO membership up to date, and you will receive renewal notices directly from the PO.  Again, you must submit your renewal confirmation to the NBPC Membership Convenor.

When you visit the Pickleball Canada website https://www.pickleballcanada.org/

or Pickleball Ontario website http://pickleballontario.org/

be sure to look around, there is lots of helpful pickleball information.

As a new player, you will benefit from reviewing the basic pickleball rules, and believe it or not, you can learn from the pros by watching YouTube. Just search ‘pickleball’ and let your learning begin!   Qualified and experienced coaches like Deb Harrison a.k.a “Picklepong Deb” have websites that are jam packed with tips for all skill levels.

Experienced club members will help beginners to learn the game on the court.   Don’t be embarrassed… give it a try, but play within your ability. We were all beginners once!

Pickleball Court Safety:

Court safety is a priority for our club, and every member is expected to adhere to our safety regulations and procedures. Please review the club’s Playing Safety and Etiquette page which is also the document that you were provided with upon registration.

What personal equipment do you need to play?

  • Not much gear is required, just a regulation paddle, court shoes, athletic wear and protective eyewear (recommended but optional).
  • Pickleball paddles can be purchased from a number of online suppliers.
  • Our club has some demo paddles that new players can try out. Our experienced players can give you some paddle selection tips and there is lots of information on the internet about how to choose a paddle. Ask about our 10% club discount from Pickleball Depot’s on-line store.

2019-20 Board of Directors:

  1. Dan Burke – President – dbdanburke@gmail.com / (705) 471-6228
  2. Tom Cook – Treasurer – thomas.cook2405@gmail.com / (705) 476-0648
  3. Holly Cangiano – Membership – holly.cangiano@gmail.com / (705) 499-8099
  4. Dixie Platt – Secretary – dplatt2@sympatico.ca / (705) 472-1587
  5. Bob Carpenter – Communications – bobinnorthbay@gmail.com / (705) 492-2550

You can also reach any of our Board members via the club’s email address –northbaypickleballclub@gmail.com . We are interested to hear from our members, please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or feedback, both positive and negative. 

Where We Play. 

Currently, when you become a member of the North Bay Pickleball Club you are entitled to play at all our venues as long as you have also joined the Pickleball Ontario and signed the club liability waiver. Please go to “Where and When to Play” for times and location details.

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