How to join


Some NBPC players

Some of the NBPC members.


Membership of NBPC requires membership of Pickleball Ontario  is available online. Here’s the link  Pickleball Ontario .  Copy your receipt to Holly Cangiano at . Go to P-Ball Links for Pickleball Ontario and other general links.

To join you must complete an registration form and submit it with payment to : North Bay Pickleball Club. Click here to download the NBPC membership form 190925 New member form

The cost of NBPC is:

Yearly Fee : Sept 1 – 2019 to Aug 31 – 2020    $120

Semester Fee: 4month semester –                    $50

Monthly Fee:  First to last day of month         $20

Guest drop in:  Per session                                  $5

Ladders and other special events may have separate fees attached.