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200307  Photos from the CANADORE FUN TOURNAMENT

Some players … playing above

Our hosts from Canadore college above

The Winners above



200302 One Day Spring Shootout in North Bay on May 2nd

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200214 Teach the Teacher Two Day Clinic

John Halliday  Pickleball ambassador for North Bay is coordinating a Teach the Teacher Workshop opportunity here in North Bay, tentatively May 16th. If you are interested in teaching pickleball this will be a great opportunity to learn how to do it properly.  Please the poster IPTPA Program (005) and if you are interested,  get in touch with John  by email

200508 Provincial Championships


200219 Canadore College, School of Sports and Recreation Tournament, North Bay


Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 13.05.26

The cost for playing is a donation to the Canadore student foodbank. Non-perishable foods. Please be generous.

Complete the form below to send questions to the tournament organizers at Canadore College …


190327 Provincial Tournament


2019 Pickleball Championships Graphic

“It’s a wrap”

The 2019 Ontario Provincial Pickleball Championships wrapped up Sunday evening.
North Bay played host to the Provincial Pickleball Championships this past weekend.
The event which ran from Thursday to Sunday consisted of professional coaching clinics and edge of your seat exhibition matches between some of the top players in the province.

160 participants played 419 matches ranging in age and skill levels.
Approximately 40% of the players were from Northern Ontario, with the rest coming in from all over Ontario. Over 200 people turned out to watch the “Cogeco Classic” live on Friday night.
141 medals were awarded in 25 events over the weekend.

Congratulations to our local winners!

Men Doubles
Ajay Goyal and Claude Cardinal Silver in the 3.0 Age 19+
Paul Lachance and Scott Murray Silver in the 3.0 Age 60+
Jeff Tiller and Robert Roy Silver in the 3.5 Age 19+
Tom Geddes and Jeff Tiller Silver in the 3.5 Age 60+

Mixed Doubles
Patty Gysel and Brian Gysel Silver in the 3.0 Age 60+
Lance Elliot and (* Barbara Graham) Bronze in the 3.0 Age 60+
Kim Sajatovic and John Halliday Silver in the 3.5 Age 60+
Darcelle and Bernard Levesque Silver in the 3.0 Age 19+

Women’s Doubles
Patty Gysel and (*Barbara Graham) Gold in the 3.0 Age 50+
Kim Sajatovic and ( *Pierrette Hebner) Bronze in the 4.0 Age 60+
Darcell Levesque and Simone Dumont Bronze in the 3.0 Age 50+
*Out of town player

Although a small group of players started playing pickleball in North Bay over 6 years ago, in the last 2 years the sport has exploded, and some of our local talent is showing they can compete on the provincial and soon to be national level!
Tournament director John Halliday says: “We were thrilled to have had a great weekend in North Bay with a lot of local interest in watching the games. Our out of town competitors and families enjoyed the city and were very impressed with the facility. I would especially like to thank the support we received from the North Bay Pickleball Club and the 30 plus volunteers for helping make this event a great success!

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Thanks to everybody who participated. There were some superb rallies, some very close games  and a couple of blow-outs all of which made an exciting evening of play.

Congratulations to Jeff Tiller and Tom Geddes who won gold. Jeff won the Rung 1 Shootout and Tom was third in it.
Richard Lachance won the Rung 2 shootout and earned the right to play in the Gold/Silver medal game. He partnered with John Halliday and the pair won the silver “medal”.
Full results below (Bob and Bruce tied for 7th place and flipped a coin for assignment in the Bronze medal game. Bruce’s score in game 3 was changed to force the software to work):

181214 tournament results


Ajay Goyal went from court 2 in week 3 to win on court 1 in week 4. CONGRATULATIONS AJAY! Suzanne Rochefort played strongly and earned her second place finish. The final week also saw Bruce starting to get back in the sing of things and winning promotion to court 1 and a fourth place finish. After leading the first two weeks Tom still managed a podium place. Well played Tom.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.45.17

181123 Shootout Ladder Results

On Friday Bruce McIvor substituted for Tom Cook and Brian Gysel substituted for Dick Tafel. Bruce McIvor will play for Dan in the remaining games as Dan has had to retire with injury.

Fridays results are below:Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 15.29.07
So in the final week Dan (now Bruce) will play on court 2 and either Ajay or Bob will be promoted to court 1. We have “flipped a coin” and Ajay will be promoted.
The result is the following court assignments in the final week …. November 30th.
Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 15.29.55

181116 Shootout Ladder

Thanks to everyone for making it through the snow to play! Especially Ajay who did the Canadore campus tour to find us. Thanks to Scott Murray for substituting for Paul.

Tom Cook maintained his winning streak on court #1 with a perfect score and tops the rankings for the second week straight. Well done Tom.

This week Suzanne earned the right to play on court by being on the winning pair for all three games.  Dick will join court 2 again after a week on court 1.

The results are tabulated below.

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 10.56.56

181109 Shootout Ladder Results

There are just eight players signed up for the ladder so that play is on two courts only. The first week had two substitutes playing; Richard Lachance for Ajay Goyal and Arthur Smith for Tom Geddes.

The scores are below:

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 13.57.40

Next week will see Tom Geddes on court two and Dick Tafel on court one. Ajay cannot be promoted as his score was earned by a substitute. Players took some while to warm up but there were some good close rallies despite large points differences.

November Shootout Ladder

A Shootout Ladder provides a friendly but competitive environment to play a series of games against those at a similar skill level. Each week there will be a round which consists of four players who play three games each with a different partner from the four. There will be one round a week for four weeks. Games are played as doubles with each individual being attributed the score that the pair achieved in each game. Games will be first to 11 points without the need to be two points clear.

Players are ranked based on the total score they accumulate during the three games of a round. Players on court #1 are ranked one to four, court #2 are ranked five to eight and court #3 nine to twelve. In the first week courts will be assigned and thereafter are based on rankings. After each round, the top ranked player on courts #2 and #3 advance to the next court up and the lowest ranked player on courts #1 and #2 are relegated to the court below. Rankings will be carried forward to the beginning of the next round and be the basis for court assignment.

NBPC’s Earlybird Shootout Ladder starts on Friday November 9th with play commencing at 8:30, so that the last games are on November 30th. The final rankings and November 2018 Shootout winner will be based on the rankings after November 28th play and promotions. The cost is $10 for the four weeks payable at the first meeting. Players are asked to make a firm commitment and be responsible for finding a surrogate from the reserves list, which will be published, if they are forced to miss a week.


Assante 101 North Bay Tournament 2018.

Here are the photos of North Bay players taken by Hannah’s Sport Photography. If you have others that you can share please send them to Bob Carpenter at .







Upcoming Event in KW Aug 25-26

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 13.33.31

Earlybird Spring Shootout Ladder started Wednesday, April 19th and and concluded May 9 after four weeks of fun, close games.

On court #1, the first two weeks were dominated by John Halliday who had not dropped any points but fierce competition in the latter stages saw Rheal Boulanger lead the third week and Brian Gysel win the final week and the series.

Meanwhile on courts #2 and 3 Richard Lachance,Lance Elliott and Bruce McIvor were in a battle to win the court and advance. A special mention also for Paul Lachance who started playing recently and has improved with every outing.

The final week’s results and rankings are below:

180509 ladder results

The Earlybird Shootout Ladder event was open to the first twelve North Bay Pickleball Club members to respond and reserves.  The Shootout Ladder winner was the player ranked #1 in the fourth week.

Thanks go to the reserves for being available when players could not show.
Jeff Tiller ( )
C: (705) 491 1399
Suzanne Rochefort ( )
H: (705) 752 3270  C: (705) 358 1829
Dick Tafel ( )
Brian Bachelor ( )

Please refer questions and comments to Bob Carpenter by email  …. .

180129   The Assante North Bay Open, May 19/20 at Nipissing University, is now open for registration.

Events include mixed, men’s and women’s doubles in skill divisions (ie. no age groups) and then mixed, men’s and women’s doubles in skill/age divisions. Divisions are listed at the registration website.

The mixed doubles by skills alone, men’s double skills and age and the women’s doubles skills and age divisions will all be played on Saturday.

The mixed doubles by skill and age, the men’s doubles by skill alone and the women’s doubles skill alone divisions will all be played on Sunday.

This means you can play in two divisions each day if you so choose. Players are guaranteed three games in each division. Divisions may be consolidated if registrations require it.

You can enter on-line only at:

and pay with a credit card or through a paypal account. When registering, you don’t need to enter a Pickleball Canada or Pickleball Association of Ontario number: if you have that information, please enter it in the “comments” section of the registration section. You can also enter without a partner, and we will try to find one for you.

John Halliday is still looking for folks to help out prior to this weekend, and during the weekend itself. You can still play if you are a volunteer on the weekend.

For any questions or concerns, or if you would like to offer yourself (or your unsuspecting spouse) up to help, please let John know at or 613-898-2761.

171220 End of Season Play and Lunch

Wednesday morning on the 20th was the last day of play at Canadore in 2017. Play starts again January 3rd in the new year.

There were 28 players during the morning session and most stayed for lunch. Play was light hearted. At lunch the board members made announcements and there were a series of gag awards. Also a couple of serious awards for best novice players. Well done Tom G and Kim; both new players even though neither of them play like it.

Below are a selection of photos and videos of play and lunch.

171220dan and sue playing171220 bob c playing























171220 richard and sue 2
























































171216 Food Drive Tournament, Saturday, Dec 16th.

Tom Geddes and Travis Spiess win the tournament and John Halliday and Brian Bachelor are runners up.

There was only a Men’s doubles category and it consisted of the following 6 teams.
John Halliday/Brian Batchelor
Bob Carpenter/Jeff Tiller
Tim Morris/Bruce McIvor
Brian Gysel/Tom Cook
Rheal Boulanger/Jean Lafontain
Tom Geddes/Travis Spiess
All the teams played each other in a Round Robin the results of which are represented below. Points for are in the columns and points against in the rows. John and Brian had five wins accumulating 77 points for and only 31 against. Second were Tom and Travis with four wins followed by Bob and Jeff with three.
 171216 results
The playoff games brought out the best play with both the “gold” and “silver” game needing three games to settle them. Tom Geddes and Travis Spiess had a great comeback in their third game of the “gold” playoff to win the overall tournament beating out John and Brian.
In the “silver” playoff Tom and Brian G came back from losing the opening game to beating Bob and Jeff in the third with extra points.
Thanks to John Halliday, Brian Bachelor and Tom Cook for organizing the tournament that everyone enjoyed. The games were competed intensely in a sporting manner and most players are looking forward to the next opportunity to play in another tournament.

171215 Shotgun Ladder Results

The club’s first four session “shotgun” ladder ended on the 15th December.Thanks to Tom Cook for organizing the play and keeping the scores on track. Most players agreed that they would like to play in more of these sorts of competition.

The final results were as follows:

171215 ladder results

The percentages and rankings may need some thought before the next rounds but it was evident that John topped the ladder. Well done John!